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Personal Training in Charlotte, NC by Ciarla Fitness
Personal Training in Charlotte, NC by Ciarla Fitness Personal Training in Charlotte, NC by Ciarla Fitness
Personal Training in Charlotte, NC by Ciarla Fitness

































Personal Training in Charlotte, NC by Ciarla Fitness


Move over BIGGEST LOSER!  You haven't seen anything until you experience the Ciarla Fitness Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Class! 


Saturdays at 10am. Bring your water bottle and be prepared to sweat!  All fitness levels welcome; class designed to accommodate both the beginner and the elite clientele. Class is only $40. Bring a friend and you each pay $20!

Call us for more information at 704-641-4046 or email us

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Healthy Food Selections

It’s all about portion control and selecting the right foods!

  • Women today are eating 22 percent more calories than they were 30 years ago - 335 more calories each and every day.
  • Fast food take-outs and family restaurants were found by researchers at New York University to have 195 percent to 700 percent larger portions than what is recommended by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture).

Researchers found the biggest increase in:

  • Steak - 224% larger
  • Muffins - 333 % larger
  • Pasta - 480% larger
  • Cookies – 700% larger

Multiple Choice Food Selections

Olive Oil or Fat Free Salad Dressing? Olive Oil! A recent Harvard Study found that women using oil-based dressing’s five or more times a week had a 50 percent lower risk of fatal hearth attacks than women who rarely use them.

Nutra Sweet or Sugar? Nutra Sweet! One can of regular soda has about ten teaspoons of sugar, which contributes enormously to weight gain and dental cavities!

Butter or Margarine? Neither! Put almond butter or peanut butter on your toast and use olive oil for cooking!

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Dark! A study in the Journal of American Medical Association reports that antioxidants called flavonoids in dark chocolate dilate arteries, increasing the amount of blood able to flow through them and contributing to lower blood pressure.

The worst of the worst – Cheese Fries with Ranch dressing! The average restaurant serving contains 3000 calories and 91 grams of saturated and trans fats – YIKES!

The best ice cream selection - EDY's Grand Light!

Did you know:

  • 28% of people in the US are obese
  • Waiting more than 3 hours after waking up to eat breakfast increases your risk of obesity 43%
    Why are we overweight?
  • 27% of all Americans always finish their entrees
  • 78% of America believes the kind of food they eat is more important for weight loss than the amount they eat
  • 30% of all people who base the amount they eat based their figure on how much they are served
  • Only 19% of all Americans exercise on a regular basis
    The Facts:
  • 101 Cities in the United States were studied and graded on Fitness, Health, Quality of Life. Charlotte ranked 81 receiving a grade of 'F'.
  • For 80,000 men a year, death is the first symptom of heart disease.
  • The average odds of getting heart disease: 36%
  • The average odds of getting type-2 diabetes: 14.8%
  • Trans fats, such as those found in bacon, sausage and potato chips, may contribute to more than 30,000 premature deaths a year.
  • Getting 3% of your daily calories (7 grams) from trans fats increases your risk of heart disease by up to 50%

All statistics complements of Fitness Management Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Runners World Magazine, Shape Magazine and Woman’s Day Magazine


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